Forest Bistro

Our cozy restaurant

Forest bistro opening hours

Every day :10 am (Kitchen opens at 11am) - 10 pm (Kitchen closes at 5pm)

Forest Bistro offers light dishes in a pleasant environment which consists of a fire place, wonderful view over the fjord, and an outside dining area with a view of Eyjafjarðarsveit, Akureyri and Hlíðarfjall, surrounded by the forest. The Bistro is open between 10am and 10pm. The kitchen is open every day between 11am and 5pm.

Brunch - between 11am and 5pm

Forest Brunch

3.490 ISK

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 – 17.
Poached eggs, smoked salmon or bacon, cherry tomato, camembert and Feykir cheese, bernaise sauce, pancakes, broiche bread and fruits

Add Egg 290 kr

Add Bacon 390 kr

Add Salmon 390 kr

Avocado toast

2.590 kr

Guacamole on toasted Ciabatta, scrambled egg, pickled onion, bell pepper, grana Padano, green salad, balsamic glaze

Add Egg 290 kr

Add Bacon 390 kr

Add Salmon 390 kr

Chicken macros

2.990 kr

Toasted sourdough bread with avocado, oven baked chicken breast, sour cream and mustard sauce, green salad and cherry tomatoes, and blueberries

Vegan brunch

2.390 kr

Hummus on focaccia, pickled onion, cucumbers, capers, green salad, and chia pudding with fruits

Add Egg 290

Add Bacon 390

Add Salmon 390

Vanilla skyr

1.290 kr

Skyr, granola, fruits, and toasted almonds

Gouda Pita Melt

1.990 kr

Ham and cheese gouda on the pita bun, fried egg, fruits and ketchup

Add Suitable for kids

American pancakes

1.290 kr

Berry´s, sirop or chocolate

Soup of the day

1.990 - 2.290 kr.

Served with bread and butter






Menu’s for Kids

Toast with Gouda and Ham

1.290 kr

Served with Ketchup and Shoestring fries




Table reservations and opening hours

We do not accept table reservations unless it is for groups. The Bistro is open from 10am-11pm but the kitchen is open between 11am-5pm

Opening hours
Every day
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Enjoy the quiet in the Forest Lagoon

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